Family & Consumer Science

Washington County has a strong background with area agencies and networking on behalf of family programs. Program area focuses address health and safety, human development, food and nutrition.

Educational programs focus on strengthening individuals, families and communities by addressing critical issues and needs, such as teaching parenting skills, improving nutrition and health, managing family finances, addressing child care needs, and others.

Listed below are a few programs offered through the Washington County Extension. For more detailed information about the program contact the person listed with the program or the Washington County Extension. Please visit​​​ for a more extensive list of programs.

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Do you have concerns about falling?

Many older adults experience concerns about falling and restrict their activities. A Matter of Balance is an award-winning program designed to manage falls and increase activity levels.

NEW Class will begin September 2022. Please contact Elizabeth Renfro if you would like to be added to interest list.

Are you considering purchasing a house and don’t know where to start? This class will help you decide if you are ready to purchase a home.

  • This class is required for THDA Home loans.
  • This course is recommended for anyone interested in purchasing a home and is approved for all THDA Mortgage Loan programs. It is recommended that this course be taken at least 4 weeks prior to closing. The Realizing the American Dream curriculum is used and provided to each household, in addition to a Certificate of Completion. The following topics are covered during this class:
    • Are You Ready to Buy A Home?
    • Managing Your Money
    • Understanding Credit
    • Obtaining a Mortgage Loan
    • Shopping for a Home
    • Protecting Your Investment
  • Preregistration is required for the class. ​
    Please preregister at least 5 business days in advance.
  • Cost of Class: $50 per loan
  • You must attend the whole class in order to receive your certificate.
  • Dates and times are subject to change for a complete and updated schedule please visit the Washington County Extension Calendar of Events.
  • An online option for the course is available  at eHome America.

Contact: Elizabeth Renfro

Co-Parenting Education Classes: 4-hour mandatory class for divorcing parents or other court ordered requirements.

Important Links and Documents

Class Date & Method of DeliveryClass Time:Registration LinkDeadline to Register:
Thursday August 4th via Zoom5PM to August 1, 2022
Tuesday August 23rd via In-Person1PM to 5PMSee above Co-Parenting Registration FormUp until day of class
Thursday Sept. 1st via Zoom5PM to August 29, 2022
Thursday Sept. 22nd via In-Person1PM to 5PMSee above Co-Parenting Registration FormUp until day of class
Monday Oct. 3rd via Zoom5PM to Sept. 29, 2022
Thursday Oct. 20th via In-Person1PM to 5PMSee above Co-Parenting Registration FormUp until day of class
Thursday Nov. 3rd via Zoom5PM to Oct. 31, 2022
No November or December In-Person Class scheduled at this time.
Monday Dec. 5th via Zoom5PM to Dec. 1, 2022
* Dates and times are subject to change so please verify with our office at 423.753.1680.

Contact: Elizabeth Renfro

Snap Ed

The Tennessee Nutrition and Consumer Education Program (TNCEP) is a nutrition education program for Tennessee families who receive SNAP or who are eligible for SNAP. The goal of TNCEP is to teach families how to choose and prepare nutritionally adequate diets and help them feel empowered to move toward self-sufficiency. Families are taught how to use SNAP and related resources effectively.

Education is delivered by county Extension faculty and partners in the community who work with the SNAP audience. The characteristic of TNCEP that makes it different from other nutrition education programs is that it is coalition-driven. A community coalition of individuals from various agencies determine what types of education are delivered. Funding for TNCEP is provided by the USDA and the Tennessee Department of Human Services.

Contact: Lucy Timbs

A program to help adults who are pre-diabetic or have a high likelihood of developing Type II Diabetes. This year long program is designed to help delay and/or prevent the onset of Type II Diabetes.

Please contact Elizabeth at or
(423) 753-1680 if you are interested in more information or would like to be put on a list for the next available class.

Contact Information

Elizabeth Renfro Profile Page

​​Elizabeth Renfro
Extension Agent III
Phone: 423-753-1680

Lucy Timbs Profile Page

Lucy Timbs
Extension Agent I
Phone: 423-753-1680

Important Links

Tennessee Association for Family and Community Education

National Center for Home Food Preservation